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David Ortiz Has Inflammation In Heels, Could Miss Opening Day

David Ortiz has inflammation in both his heels and will be shut down for a week. Could the designated hitter miss out on Opening Day?


So, you know how the Red Sox were going to announce David Ortiz' MRI results tomorrow? So much for that. Ortiz has inflammation in both his heels, and will be shut down for the next week as the team waits for it to die down.

The bad news is that this means Ortiz could miss Opening Day. There are only three weeks left until the Sox hit New York, and with Ortiz yet to take an official at bat, he's definitely lagging behind. Anything other than a perfect progression from now till April 1st will likely mean that the Sox will have to find someone else to fill the DH spot against the Yankees.

The good news is that Opening Day is just one game, and it doesn't look like Ortiz is set to miss too much more. There was the possibility that this could be more bad news involving his Achilles--news that could shut him down just like it did last year. Instead, it's just inflammation, likely (and let's be clear--I'm no doctor) due to Ortiz attempting to compensate for said injury over the last eight months.

It's never good to have a player hurting, but given how many things could have been wrong, it seems like the Sox are once again getting off fairly easy this spring.