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Red Sox To Announce David Ortiz' MRI Results Monday

The Red Sox will reveal David Ortiz' MRI results tomorrow, raising the question: why not now?

J. Meric

The results of the MRI taken on David Ortiz' heels are in, but the Sox aren't revealing anything--yet. Ortiz himself told reporters today that John Farrell would reveal all come Monday.

This is, of course, absolutely terrifying.

It's entirely possible that everything is fine and dandy with Ortiz and his heels, but it's starting to seem less and less likely. He continues to experience soreness after running, and if there was nothing wrong, why not just come out and say so? It's not a guarantee, but it's hardly typical for the team to hold good news in confidence in a situation like this. More likely the delay allows them to formulate an approach to the news.

Of course, until we get word one way or another tomorrow, all we can do is speculate. But it's hard to look at this situation and the events leading up to it and not get a sinking feeling of dread.