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2013 Red Sox Community Projections: Mike Napoli

Predicting the season for Boston's new first baseman, Mike Napoli.


March is here, leaving us just one month away from the start of the season. That means its time for community projections!

Many of you know the story here. Each year you, the readers, try your hand at predicting the performances of the Red Sox, and then come the end of the year we go back and see how we did. This past year that made for a good deal of depression, but hopefully we're on to better things now.

This year things are slightly different. In the past, every single prediction had to be transcribed number-by-number from the comments section. I cannot tell you how boring an hour that made for. Now, however, we've been clued into the Google Forms method, which means all that awful leg work is done automatically. With that in mind, we're pretty much free to do as many of these as we can fit in! In other words, we're probably going to wind up with a lot more than five position players and five pitchers this year.

Still, we have to start somewhere, so why not Mike Napoli? He was Boston's #1 target for the offseason, even if his weird hip condition did trim his three-year deal down to just one with most of the money to be found in incentives. We're few of us doctors, I expect, so it's anyone's best guess how well that hip will hold up, but this is all in good fun any way, so take your best shot!