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Jonny Gomes Day-To-Day After Wall Collision

The Red Sox left fielder will miss a few days while stitches in his knee do their thing

J. Meric

Jonny Gomes has been likened to Cody Ross in many ways -- he's a righty who crushes left-handers, Fenway Park is expected to be very, very good to him -- but defensively, there are differences. Ross was a solid defensive player, whereas Gomes is lacking afield. Another thing that separates the two, though, that we learned about this week, is the difference between how they go back on the wall.

Cody Ross tended to shy away from the wall, as if he knew that hitting it would result in pain and another instance of Wall vs. Man, with wall coming out on top, as it always does. This, by the way, is why Ross in left field at Fenway was never a particularly strong idea, even if, in theory, he might be better-suited for left than right. Gomes, however, apparently has no such fear of a collision with the wall, and in fact collided with one on Wednesday night in Sarasota.

Gomes ended up getting three stitches in his knee for the act, but isn't expected to be out for long. Manager John Farrell even mentioned that Gomes scored the collision "Gomes 1, the outfield fence 0", meaning he likely thinks he caused more damage to it than it did to him.



The wall could not be reached for comment, but maybe that's a fair assumption.