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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 82: Concluding the AL East Previews with Marc Normandin

The (real) final installment of our AL East Preview podcasts, this one analyzes the entirety of the division, including the Red Sox place within it.


This is the second season in a row that we've done an American League East Preview series. Last year was fun but this year was, I think, more focused.

If you missed any of the preview podcasts, you can catch up here:

I'd like to thank Jay Jaffe, Tommy Rancel, Dustin Parkes, and Jonathan Bernhardt for being so generous with their time and expertise over the last month.

The series of now five podcasts previewed the Yankees, Rays, Orioles, Blue Jays, and today we add our Red Sox. It should be said that this most recent podcast didn't so much preview the Red Sox as it did place them in context with the other teams in their division that we previewed. This podcast is devoted to assessing the teams of the AL East from a Red Sox perspective, and looking at the Red Sox themselves and where they fit into the complex rubric that is the 2013 AL East division. Marc Normandin resumes his podcasturly duties for this discussion.

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