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Will Middlebrooks' Wrist Checked Out By Trainers, Pain Free

The Red Sox third baseman has moved himself nearly out of this injury scare, but he's not quite there yet


Will Middlebrooks was removed from Wednesday night's contest against the Orioles after a checked swing caused pain in his wrist, causing a collective gasp to emanate from both the Red Sox and their fans. While Middlebrooks will still go to see a specialist today, one who can see if there is some underlying issue, the early results from exams on his wrist are positive. Red Sox trainers checked on Middlebrooks on Thursday morning, and determined there was no structural damage. Middlebrooks has even gone so far as to say he feels ready for spring training workouts, should the Red Sox allow him to participate.

That's all good news, but until the meeting with the specialist is behind him, you can postpone exhaling. From Rob Bradford:

Said Dr. Christopher Geary, an orthopedist at Tufts Medical Center (speaking generally and without specific knowledge of Middlebrooks' injury), "[It's] unlikely he broke anything on a check swing. ... Check-swing injuries always make me worry about the ECU tendon in the wrist -- that's what (Jose Bautista) had last year. If it's torn or, more likely, unstable, they might try a period of rest and a split or cast, but would likely need surgery and probably four to six months [to recover]. Best-case scenario is probably just a traumatic tendinitis, shut him down for a week to 10 days."

The key phrase there is "without specific knowledge of Middlebrooks' injury." Hopefully, it's something minor like the traumatic tendinitis, or something even more insignificant that was just kind of a fluke soreness for a wrist that has been surgically repaired. We'll likely know later on today, either way.