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Spring Training Bingo!

Is the monotony of Spring Training getting you down? Well here's something guaranteed to perk your spirits up: Spring Training Bingo!

J. Meric

Sure, we're all excited that baseball is back. Yay, baseball yay yay baseball. But in about a week we're all going to get so sick of Spring Training. You know why. Let's all watch a third of a game of baseball, but played at half speed. It's like if Willy Wonka made a baseball game. The first three innings are major league, the next three are Triple-A, the last three are Double-A, and then you turn into a grape. And nobody wants that. It's NASCAR but everyone is driving 45 mph. And they still do 500 laps or whatever it is.

Spring Training is great for a few days but then it quickly becomes a bore; the same old stuff, day after day after day and none of it matters. Sox win? Doesn't matter. Sox lose? Doesn't matter. The monotony of Spring Training gets on us all quickly, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Or is there?

How many times have you thought, "If only I could spice up Spring Training by combining its best aspects, like say cliches, with something far more exciting... like Bingo!" Well, now you can with new Spring Training Bingo!

Here's how it works. Just print out the official Spring Training Bingo! card and you're ready to start playing. Tomorrow morning you and your opponent can wake up and scour your favorite newspaper or blog-type website. The first to hear or read five terms and call "Bingo!" wins!

Or, you and your opponent can sit down and watch the game together (make sure you start watching on time or you'll get an unhealthy dose of Mark Hamilton!). The first one to get five Spring Training terms in a row and shout Bingo! wins!


If you need to you can play over the course of a whole day. "Oh, come ON, just say you're 'glad to be here'!" "I just need "proven and "unproven" and I'll get Bingo!"" "Can you PLEASE treat it like it's the regular season? PLEASE??" "Oh, COME on! Will someone please dodge a bullet?"

Spring Training Bingo: Finally, Spring Training is fun.