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OTM's Official Yahoo! League Now Live; Check For Invites

The time is now to join your community members in a Yahoo! fantasy league


If you responded to our original request for Over the Monster community members to join out official Yahoo! fantasy league, then you're in luck: an invitation should be tucked away in your inbox right now. While not all of the extras who asked to participate after the fact could be accommodated, a few lucky users did make the cut, after failure of a handful of the original 18 to either respond, or, out of the goodness of their hearts, to change their minds after the fact for those not involved in any OTM leagues already.

Please respond to the invitations as quickly as possible, so we can get going with organizing a draft date and all of that happy stuff. If you didn't make the league, but would like to, you can do one of two things. You can let us know in the comments that you'd like to be made an extra, in case someone else backs out or fails to respond to their invitation within a reasonable time frame. Or, you can speak up in the comments of this piece so that OTM community member AlohaSox, who has asked for additional volunteers, can see you and, if there is still room in another OTM league, find you a spot.


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