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Red Sox Finish Doubleheader With 11-1 Beatdown Of Boston College

The Red Sox completed their college doubleheader with a healthy 11-1 win over the Boston College Eagles.


The Red Sox completed their traditional doubleheader by piling up the runs in an 11-1 beatdown of Boston College.

The game actually started off slower than the first half of the doubleheader against Northeastern, with the Sox going down in order against BC's Nate Bayuk after Koji Uehara escaped a two-hit top of the first courtesy of a line drive double play. After Andrew Bailey got his 2013 off on the right foot with a clean second, however, the Sox got things rolling, with Mauro Gomez providing a leadoff double and scoring on Jeremy Hazelbaker's single.

The Eagles would actually manage to tie the game again in the top of the first, with their run unfortunately coming off of Junichi Tazawa, surrendering a leadoff double to John Hennessy (who also boasted one of the hits off of Uehara). The Eagles managed to push the run across without another hit, knotting the game at one-a-piece.

BC's celebrations would be short-lived, however, as the Red Sox used the bottom of the third as an opportunity to turn the game into a laugher. Brock Holt! was the man who broke the tie with a single, scoring himself when Jackie Bradley doubled to right, missing a home run by just a couple feet. Mauro Gomez was again part of the scoring, knocking in two of his own before Daniel Butler finished it off with the Sox' first homer of the year.

That would basically be the end of the game. The Sox put up another pair of runs in the fifth inning when Shannon Wilkerson made it two Boston bombs on the night, while Oscar Villarreal, Jose De La Torre, and Terry Doyle provided four scoreless to keep the Eagles to just the one run.