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Five Red Sox Prospects In Baseball America's Top 100

You know the season is fast-approaching, as Baseball America has unveiled their favorite 100 prospects in the game

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The last major top 100 of the off-season has been released, now that Baseball America has wrapped up their pre-season prospect coverage. The Red Sox, as they have been in nearly every list like this so far, are well-represented. Five Boston prospects made Baseball America's cut, with one making the top 10, the last coming in the bottom 10, and the other three scattered in between.

If you've followed Baseball America's Red Sox coverage this winter, you probably know who the five are by this point, but maybe not where it is they rank compared to their competition:

8. Xander Bogaerts, SS

31. Jackie Bradley, CF

40. Matt Barnes, RHP

49. Allen Webster, RHP

91. Henry Owens, LHP

The Red Sox were not alone in seeing five prospects in the top 100, as the Diamondbacks, Astros, Marlins, Twins, Pirates, Mariners, Cardinals, and Rays all had at least five, with Miami and Minnesota featuring six each. Just the Astros and Red Sox featured four players in the top 50, though, so they're in more elite company than simply listing how many made the overall list hints at.

The full list can be viewed without a subscription, but you need a subscription to see the scouting reports that Baseball America has released alongside the names. We'll give you a taste of that information, though, via Bogaerts: Using the 20-80 scouting scale, Baseball America rates his bat as a 60 and his power as a 70 -- no surprises there, as his bat is what has brought him national attention to begin with. However, on the defensive side, where the real questions about Bogaerts exist, they have rated him a 55 on defense, with a 60 arm -- both above-average. That more than sounds like someone who can stick at shortstop, barring a significant gain in weight that pushes him off of the position as he ages, and explains why they have him rated in the top 10 already.