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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 80 - Previewing The Baltimore Orioles with Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth

Matt Kory previews the 2013 Baltimore Orioles with Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth


If there's a team coming off a stranger season in all of pro sports, well, we'd be surprised. That's because there isn't. The Baltimore Orioles were expected to end up basement-bound yet again in 2012, but instead, they won a ton of games, made the playoffs, beat Texas in the play-in game, and took the Yankees to the last game of the Division Series. It was a shockingly successful season from an organization that hasn't achieved diddly-turds in almost two decades.

Nobody was more shocked than our guest, Jonathan Bernhardt, avowed Orioles fan and writer for Sports on Earth. Jonathan joins us to look back at the (from his standpoint) amazing 2012 season, to take in the Orioles almost non-existent off-season, to look in-depth at their roster, and to analyze what it all means for the 2013 season. It's all part of The Over The Monster Podcast's AL East Preview series, meaning it's all fun and like everything that is fun, it will probably will give you cancer. Which, when you don't think about it, is all the more reason to listen to the 80th Over The Monster Podcast!

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