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Details For Joining OTM's Official Yahoo! Fantasy League


Earlier this week, I inquired about community interest in joining an official Over the Monster fantasy baseball league, hosted by Yahoo!. We had 18 spots to fill in a 20-team league, and after gauging interest from the past couple of days, it looks like we have exactly 18 participants who are interested in playing. This means we can skip any kind of game or contest to ration out spots, and can instead simply get on with it.

If everyone who commented on this thread with the intention of joining the league could do me the favor of sending me your email address -- email -- then I can send an invite with the league information over to you. Just let me know your OTM handle somewhere in the email, so I can check you off of the list like the fantasy bouncer I'm playing this week, and we can get down to scheduling the how and when of the draft.