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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 79 - Previewing The Toronto Blue Jays with Dustin Parkes of The Score

Matt Kory previews the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays with Dustin Parkes of The Score's new Fanatico blog


Perhaps the most interesting team this entire off-season in either league is the Toronto Blue Jays. After another disappointing season, the Jays spent the off-season remaking their entire roster, from the lineup, to the defense, to the starting rotation. They did this through, as you likely know, two high profile trades, one in which they acquired R.A. Dickey from the Mets and the other in which they acquired all desirable parts of the Marlins franchise minus Giancarlo Stanton and that awful/wonderful home run monstrosity.

With expectations as high as they've ever been, Matt Kory talks to Dustin Parkes of The Score and Editor in Chief of the new Fanatico blog about the Jays, and what we can expect from their new roster this season. As always, Mr. Parkes is knowledgeable and brings a slightly different viewpoint than you might find from the typical Toronto baseball fan. We talk about every aspect of the Jays and take an educated guess as to where they'll finish in the tight as tights that are too tight AL East. It's an educational, fun, and worthy 79th episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

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