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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 78 - Previewing the 2013 New York Yankees

Matt Kory previews the 2013 New York Yankees with Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus

Al Bello

Each year before Spring Training here at the Over The Monster Podcast we spend a couple weeks looking at the Red Sox most direct of competition. That means looking at each team in the American League East. This year we're starting that series of previews off with last year's division winner, the New York Yankees. After seeming decades of staving it off, age may finally be catching up with the Bronx Bombers. I discuss that with Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus. I get Jay's impressions of the team, their catching situation, the return of Derek Jeter from injury, and the strength of the team which looks to be their starting pitching. This is a short but focused version of the podcast, clocking in at around 20 minutes. That said, I think we hit on a lot of good topics and Jay knows his stuff in and out.

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