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Baseball Prospectus ranks 6 Red Sox prospects in top 101

Where they're ranked and in what order is something we'll have to wait to find out, though.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Prospects lists are already publishing, but Baseball Prospectus hasn't released their top-101 just yet. Despite this, we got a little hint of what's to come on it, at least for the Red Sox, thanks to the Twitter account of BP's own Jason Parks.

Boston doesn't have the most prospects in the top-101 -- which is a change of pace from the optimism we've seen out of Baseball America, an outlet that thinks the Sox might have 10 prospects in their own top-100 -- but six is still a great number representative of a healthy farm system.

We also know which six prospects are ranked on this list, thanks to a guess by Sox Prospects' Will Woodward that Parks confirmed to be true. Well, mostly: Woodward didn't get the order down, and the true order wasn't revealed to us, but the six are: Xander Bogaerts, Henry Owens, Jackie Bradley Jr., Blake Swihart, Garin Cecchini, and Matt Barnes. It's safe to assume Bogaerts is at the head of that list.

That would mean Baseball Prospectus is a bit lower on Allen Webster, Brandon Workman, Mookie Betts, and Trey Ball than Baseball America, based on what little we do know at this stage. That's not exactly a surprise, given Ball was just drafted and opinions differ on his ceiling, Betts is coming off his first strong campaign, and Webster's 2013 was up-and-down in more ways than one. Workman has been someone Parks has liked for quite some time, but seeing him in the top-100 for Baseball America will be more surprising than his not being in BP's, so again, understandable.

It'll be interesting to see just where these six fall within the top-101. Luckily, we'll get the order they're in sorted out soon, as Baseball Prospectus should be releasing Boston's top-10 list relatively early in 2014.

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