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Daily Red Sox Links: Jonny Gomes, Jon Lester, Masahiro Tanaka

Today's links look at how the last ten years of Red Sox history could be entirely different, one beat writer's Hall of Fame ballot, and Jon Lester's contract situation.

Jim Rogash

About a decade ago, the Red Sox almost made a franchise-altering move acquiring Alex Rodriguez from Texas, before he was snatched up by New York. (Alex Speier;

Jonny Gomes has an extremely interesting profile in Sports Illustrated right now. (Thomas Lake; Sports Illustrated)

Is baseball's best third baseman in the AL East? (Daniel Poarch; Fire Brand of the AL)

Pete Abraham put together his Hall of Fame ballot, which he outlines here. (Peter Abraham;

Whatever the Red Sox decide to do about Jon Lester's contract situation, they'll be taking a risk. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Mark Simon looked at how the AL teams' defensive outlooks have changed this offseason. (Mark Simon;

The Red Sox don't seem to be in a position to pursue Masahiro Tanaka, but it may not be such a crazy thought. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

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