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Red Sox non-tender Andrew Bailey, Ryan Kalish

The Red Sox have elected not to tender contracts to relief pitcher Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Kalish

Duane Burleson

The Red Sox have non-tendered Andrew Bailey and Ryan Kalish, leaving both players as free agents.

For Bailey, this comes as a surprise given the earlier rumors that suggested the Red Sox would keep him on in spite of a price tag around $4 million. It's not surprising, however, based on his performance. Since the Red Sox traded for him, Bailey has had two poor seasons riddled with injury troubles. With offseason surgery likely leaving him on the disabled list for much of 2014, and with years separating him from productive seasons, there was little chance he'd be worth his salary.

Ryan Kalish carried no such price tag, but with similar injury troubles, the Red Sox likely felt they just couldn't afford the space on their 40-man roster anymore. Once a promising prospect, Kalish has had rough break after rough break. Hopefully, whether it's with the Red Sox or another team, Kalish will get back to the point he was at heading into 2011 as a top prospect. But with no opportunity to prove himself healthy, Kalish was simply too unreliable for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox will have the opportunity to offer both players a minor league deal, so there's no guarantee they're done in Boston just yet. But particularly for Bailey, there may be greener pastures elsewhere.

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