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Daily Red Sox Links: Stephen Drew, Alex Castellanos, AL East

Today's links include stories on Stephen Drew, who has become the talk of the offseason, Alex Castellanos, and agents fighting... like actually fighting.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Take everything Scott Boras says about Stephen Drew -- and any of his other clients, for that matter -- with a grain of salt. (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

Are the Red Sox really willing to relinquish the chance of earning another draft pick by retaining Stephen Drew? (Jason Mastrodonato;

When Boston officially announced the signing of Mike Napoli on Thursday, they also announced the club has designated Alex Castellanos for assignment. (Will Woodward;

What are the rest of the AL East teams saying about the Red Sox this offseason? (Ryan Hannable; Inside the Batter's Box)

The Red Sox were quiet at the Winter Meets, but they certainly not finished this offseason. (Gordon Edes;

Just like everything else in baseball, prospects are not a guaranteed. (Ben Shapiro;

You've probably heard about the agent fight at the Winter Meetings (and read about it, too), but this is too great not to link. (Jeff Passan; Yahoo Sports)

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