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Matt Kemp trade rumors: Red Sox bow out of Kemp chase

The Red Sox seem to have given up the ghost when it comes to Matt Kemp.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The Red Sox seem to be stepping away from trade talks for Matt Kemp, with Jon Heyman and Nick Cafardo both saying this deal just isn't going to happen:

The idea of trading for Kemp was always a bit outlandish, likely predicated on the willingness of the Dodgers to eat a certain portion of the contract while expecting relatively little in the way of a return in terms of prospects. Simply put, to the rest of the league, Matt Kemp is a huge risk. A player coming off the injuries he's suffered of late and the poor performance that resulted last year would never get six years and $128 million--the amount left on Kemp's deal. In the event that he doesn't bounce back--a scenario which isn't too hard to imagine--Kemp would be a financial anchor around the neck of any team that chose to acquire him.

For the Dodgers, though, who don't seem too interested in payroll limitations, Kemp might just be seen as a player with potential to be huge. They've got too many outfielders as it stands, but if they're going to trade away one, it's not going to be the guy who's put up MVP-type numbers before. At least not without getting something significant in return.

Add to that the fact that Kemp didn't really fit Boston's needs positionally, and the team's general reluctance to engage in big-money contracts, and seeing this saga come to an unproductive end is hardly a shock.

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