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David Ortiz the write-in vote leader for Boston mayoral election

People are very easily swayed by signs at rallies, and also the awesomeness that is Big Papi.

This dude might be responsible for one of them.
This dude might be responsible for one of them.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

At last Saturday's victory parade for the World Series championship, there were signs floating around that read "Papi for Mayor." At least 560 Bostonians took that to heart during Tuesday's mayoral elections, as Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz led in write-in votes, according to WGBH.

Big Papi wasn't running on any particular platform, but who needs one when you're David Ortiz? It's understood that we would have been treated to a term of Ortiz as a living, breathing, ball of charisma, with all the bat flips and meticulously groomed beards framed by sharp-looking tailored suits we could handle. Boston's new mayor would have had some style, and he already knows how to handle pressure. Why didn't more of you write his name in, Ortiz was the perfect fit!

While 560 is a pretty good write-in result, it thankfully wasn't enough to actually sway the election in one direction or another. Ortiz is going to have a hard enough time with his Cooperstown candidacy without "accidentally ruining the election for Thomas Menino's replacement" added on to the negatives.

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