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Ryan Rowland-Smith, Brandon Snyder, 28 other Red Sox minor leaguers declare free agency

Boston will have some minor-league holes to fill this winter.


Minor-league free agency began this week, leading to 550 players hitting the market in addition to all of the major-league free agents. Of those 550, 30 of them were in the Red Sox organization in 2013, meaning that Boston has some holes to fill, either internally or through minor-league free agency, to round out their system.

Baseball America listed the full 30, as well as all 550 in total:

RHP: Anthony Carter (AAA), Miguel Celestino (AA), Terry Doyle (AAA), Marco Duarte (AAA), Charlie Haeger (AAA), Brock Huntzinger (AAA), Bobby Lanigan (AA), Gerardo Olivares (Lo A), Nate Striz (Hi A)
LHP: Will Latimer (AAA), Matt Maloney (AA), Jack McGeary (Lo A), Eric Niesen (AA), Rafael Perez (AA), Manny Rivera (Lo A), Ryan Rowland-Smith (AAA)
C: Alberto Rosario (AA), Matt Spring (AA)
1B: Mark Hamilton (AAA), Brandon Snyder (AAA)
2B: Ryan Dent (AA), Justin Henry (AAA), Drew Sutton (AAA), Tony Thomas (AAA)
3B: Mario Martinez (Lo A)
SS: Jonathan Diaz (AAA), Vladimir Frias (Hi A)
OF: Ronald Bermudez (AA), Quintin Berry (AAA), Mitch Maier (AAA)

Both Brandon Snyder and Quintin Berry played for the 2013 Red Sox, and were on the 40-man roster, but both elected free agency. As the 60-day disabled list no longer exists during the off-season, players like Snyder and Berry can't be stashed, and will instead seek a better deal elsewhere, or at least a new one.

These weren't the only two names of note -- relative to minor-league free agency, anyway -- to depart the Sox. Ryan Rowland-Smith had a productive year as a reliever for the PawSox, but never got the chance to join Boston in the majors in spite of their bullpen woes, thanks in part to the poor timing of his appendectomy. Miguel Celestino was considered a pitching prospect by some, but has floundered in the minors and has now run out of time in this organization. Last, there's Mark Hamilton, whom the Red Sox acquired last year as insurance for first base and DH, but never ended up having to dip into that well thanks to consistent health and production in the majors at those spots.

There isn't much news about any of these players re-signing as of now, but according to MLB Daily Dish's Chris Cotillo, both Snyder and the Red Sox are interested in "a reunion". Snyder posted just a 572 OPS in 52 big-league plate appearances in 2013, but he had more success than that in previous years, and could fit as non-roster depth for the infield corners just as he did this past summer.

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