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President Obama talks David Ortiz, Koji Uehara with John Farrell

The awesomeness of Big Papi and Koji has not escaped the President's notice.

President Barrack Obama called Red Sox manager John Farrell to congratulate him on the Red Sox' World Series victory, and the White House has released video of that call for all of us to enjoy. Regardless of your politics -- and please, keep this to baseball in the comments -- hearing President Obama discuss how fantastic David Ortiz is, and to hear him refer to Koji Uehara as "the gift that keeps on giving" is just phenomenal.

I also enjoy that his rib about his White House staff rooting primarily for the wrong Sox is the second-known troll job by the President to the Red Sox, as, when Boston traded Kevin Youkilis to Chicago just last summer, he jokingly thanked Boston in a speech there for the deal. To be fair, given what the Red Sox received for Youkilis versus what he accomplished during his short time in Chicago, President Obama had us on that one.

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