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Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Jake Peavy, Jon Lester

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Today's links look at Ben Cherington's winter ahead of him, David Ortiz's past, and possible future, and Xander Bogaerts' performance at the major-league level this year.

Jared Wickerham

Many Red Sox are still celebrating their championship - looking at you, Mike Napoli - but the front office is already back to work. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

David Ortiz just won his third World Series in Boston, and was the MVP in this one. It's crazy to think there was a time when he was an afterthought in the league. (Gary Brown;

It's a lot easier said than done, but Ben Cherington will once again be looking to find the right mix of players for 2014. (Tony Lee; ESPN Boston)

Jake Peavy made a boring, rational purchase after the parade on Saturday. (Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)

Jon Lester is under contract for next season, but there will be work put in this winter to make sure he's going to be around longer. (Rob Bradford;

WIth his performance at the end of the regular season and in the postseason, Xander Bogaerts showed that he belongs at this level. (Tom Layman; Boston Herald)

Matt Klaassen has an interesting take on David Ortiz's Hall of Fame case. (Matt Klaassen; Fangraphs)

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