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Dioner Navarro free agency: Red Sox 'not in pursuit'

Dioner Navarro's free agency may be coming to a close, but the Red Sox are not involved.


Dioner Navarro could have his new contract before long, but not with the Boston Red Sox according to Peter Gammons:

This should probably be seen as good news.

The Red Sox need a catcher, this much is true. The options, meanwhile, have been slipping away in a hurry, with Carlos Ruiz and Brian McCann both signing elsewhere. But that doesn't mean they should be hurrying to sign anyone who will agree to wear the uniform.

Navarro was incredibly productive last year. Hitting .300/.365/.492 he could have played at any position, much less catcher. But 2013 was very much a career year--a half-year, at that--and there's very little reason to expect him to perform closer to that in 2014 than his career average of .251/.313/.371.

If Navarro is going to be paid at a level in any way commensurate with his 2013 performance, he'll be more expensive than he's worth. And even if he's not, then you've got the problem that he's just a mediocre player with the slight, unconvincing upside hinted at in 2013.

There are few choices left at catcher, but also little reason to want Navarro even if it comes down to him or internal options.

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