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Chris Young free agency: Red Sox target to sign with Mets

Outfielder Chris Young is set to sign with the Mets. He had been linked to the Red Sox earlier in the offseason.

Thearon W. Henderson

Outfielder Chris Young will sign with the Mets pending a physical according to Jon Heyman.

The Red Sox were looking at Young as an option to give them some depth in center and right field behind Jackie Bradley Jr. and Shane Victorino. Our own Marc Normandin made the argument for just such a plan, and it was a convincing one. But the caveat seems to have come through:

The major question with Young is whether or not someone else will present him an opportunity that doesn't have a Bradley Jr. waiting in the wings, ready to snatch a starting job away the moment Young falters.

The Red Sox are a better team than the Mets, which usually helps to draw free agents. The one major exception being when the free agents in question would be relegated to a backup role here and act as starters elsewhere. Given that Young is on a one-year deal, and given how much decent center fielders have gone for in recent years, Young can look forward to re-entering the market next year after having had a full year of playing time to rebuild his value. Something Boston couldn't necessarily offer.

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