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Red Sox re-sign Brandon Snyder on minor league deal

The Red Sox have brought Brandon Snyder back on a minor league deal

Jared Wickerham

Brandon Snyder will be back with the Red Sox organization for another year, having announced himself that he's re-signed with the team for 2014:

Snyder had a rough time in his stint with the Red Sox proper this year, hitting just .180/.212/.360 in 52 trips to the plate acting as a fill-in at the corners, particularly third base. Still, it didn't hurt the Sox much--they went 19-8 in the 27 games he played.

Snyder had been better in his first three seasons in the majors, hitting .276/.324/.418 in limited time with the Orioles and Rangers. He never profiles to be much more than depth, but as that he's not so bad given his ability to play third, however questionably, and the fact that he'll occasionally run into one at the plate. Not a guy you ever hope to see take the field, but still someone who it doesn't hurt to have in the organization.

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