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David Ortiz wants a contract extension

David Ortiz is once again out for a contract extension, and the Red Sox should once again be willing to meet his demands.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is looking for a contract extension according to an Associated Press report out of the Dominican Republic.

It's not surprising to see Ortiz gunning for a little extra security coming fresh off a World Series MVP performance. For a while now, Boston's long-time designated hitter has made it clear that he doesn't want to be playing without reassurance that, should he want to return for another year, the option will be open to him. He got his wish before 2013, when the Sox signed him to a two-year deal despite an Achilles injury costing him much of his 2012 season, and he repaid them with a big year that saw him hit .309/.395/.564 in 600 plate appearances, ending with his third World Series championship with the Red Sox.

It's hard to imagine there will be much resistance from the Red Sox on this one. Is giving a 38-year-old another year when you've already got him locked up for 2014 the most logical move in the world? Hardly. But David Ortiz is a special case. He is, as much as anyone, the face of this organization, and if he's willing to keep playing so long as he's effective, the Red Sox should be willing to keep him on these two-year deals if it's what makes him comfortable. Somewhere down the line it might cost them $10+ million for one year of sub-par Ortiz, but that's not so high a price for a baseball team to pay.

This move might be pushed to the backburner until the Red Sox get everything else squared away, but expect Ortiz to have his security year before the season gets underway.

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