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Dioner Navarro free agency: Navarro a 'fallback option' for Red Sox

The Red Sox aren't all that interested in Dioner Navarro after all.

Brian Kersey

Yesterday, we heard that the Red Sox were interested in free agent catcher Dioner Navarro. Today, it sounds like the Red Sox aren't viewing him as much more than a plan B...or maybe D. Per Scott Lauber:

This is pretty great news for those who were concerned with the idea of the Red Sox pursuing Navarro. Coming off of a career half-year in Chicago, Navarro is the kind of guy some team will overpay for based on the strength of one season he'll likely never repeat. That (unlikely) upside is something, making him a pretty decent choice as far as last-ditch options go, just so long as the Red Sox realize that he is exactly that, and not someone they should go out of their way to acquire.

So long as they stick to that evaluation of Navarro, and refuse to pay much beyond that evaluation, they shouldn't wind up in trouble.

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