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Daily Red Sox Links: Daniel Nava, Chris Young, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Today's edition includes stories on Daniel Nava being a MVP, how Chris Young to Boston is a nice match, and the most bias MVP writers.

Gail Oskin

Daniel Nava may not have been the team's or the league's MVP during the season, but he's Boston's MVP this offseason. (Rob Bradford;

Chris Moran explains why Chris Young to the Red Sox makes sense. (Chris Moran; Gammons Daily)

The three year, $26 million dollar contract Carlos Ruiz signed with the Philles on Monday may have an impact on Jarrod Saltalamacchia's free agency. (Gordon Edes;

Teams must add Rule-5 eligible players to their 40-man roster by Wednesday's end. Who should we expect the Red Sox to protect this season? (Mike Andrew; via

History can potentially tell us how Boston will approach searching for its next Triple-A manager. (Brendan McGair; The Pawtucket Times)

In other minor-league news, the Portland SeaDogs are running a nice ticket promotion for Thanksgiving. If you want to watch Garin Cecchini, Mookie Betts, and Henry Owens, here's a great way to do so. (Portland SeaDogs;

Here's an interesting look at the MVP vote: which city's voters are the most bias? (Reuben Fischer-Baum;

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