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Tim Hudson free agency: Veteran starter close to signing with Giants

Tim Hudson is close to signing with the San Francisco Giants, marking the second Red Sox target to head elsewhere on the day.


Tim Hudson is close to signing a 2-year, $23 million deal with the San Francisco Giants according to Ken Rosenthal (confirming a report by John Allen of what I assume is the Kansas City NBC affiliate).

If Hudson does indeed find his way to San Francisco, that will be two Red Sox targets to find their way to other teams within the day, with Carlos Ruiz having already signed on to return to the Philadelphia Phillies.

He's also the second target to sign for an amount that might take some of the sting away for Sox fans. If they'll still be without the player, it at least helps to know that matching the offer, much less outdoing it, would have been...unpalatable. Hudson is a quality arm, but at 37 any commitment of more than one year is concerning, and with the Red Sox not exactly in dire need of a starter, it will be an easy enough "loss" to bear.

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