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Dustin Pedroia's surgery successful, not-so-complicated

Dustin Pedroia has undergone successful surgery to repair the torn ligament in his thumb.

Gail Oskin

Dustin Pedroia's surgery is over and done with and, according to Ben Cherington (via Pete Abraham), did not even require the more complicated procedure we had heard about one week ago.

The more-complicated version of the procedure, which would require a tendon from his wrist to be taken to replace the damaged one in his thumb, is (to simplify things massively, I'm sure) not unlike Tommy John Surgery for the thumb. The major difference being that it would have extended Pedroia's recovery time by all of a couple of weeks, still leaving him ready to go months in advance of spring training.

Still, it stands to reason that the less complicated the procedure--the less fiddling needed to make it all work--the better.

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