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Daily Red Sox Links: Xander Bogaerts, Ben Cherington, David Ortiz

Today's edition includes stories on Xander Bogaerts' bright future, Ben Cherington's success, and the winter meetings.

Jared Wickerham

Hey, remember Xander Bogaerts? The 21-year-old who took the World Series by storm? Yeah, he's got a bright future. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Ben Cherington, who won Sporting News GM of the Year on Monday, has made all the right moves since last October. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

David Ortiz will partner up with Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen to produce a show for MTV. (Ted Berg; USA Today)

Rob Bradford provides us with a primer for the winter meetings, which began yesterday in Orlando. (Rob Bradford;

Our own Matt Sullivan looks at how the Red Sox broke the new CBA. (Matt Sullivan; MLB Daily Dish)

The Red Sox were featured in Monday's Offseason Outlook over at MLB Trade Rumors. (Mark Polishuk; MLB Trade Rumors)

See how Boston's prospects performed last week in their respective offseason leagues. (Tim Healey;

Ben Carsley lists the top 10 Red Sox offseason rumors. (Ben Carsley; Fire Brand of the AL)

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