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Video: Mookie Betts taking AFL batting practice

Thanks to Vine and scouts in attendance in Arizona, we can see Mookie Betts swinging in preparation for fall league games.


Technology is pretty nifty, you know. It wasn't that long ago that all we had to go on in the Arizona Fall League was box scores and the occasional write-up, but now, with streaming video and even short-burst videos available to anyone with some social media savvy, it's a lot easier to see some off-season minor-league baseball action.

While this isn't in-game -- the season did just start on Tuesday -- it is Red Sox prospect Mookie Betts taking hacks in batting practice, courtesy ESPN's Keith Law:

It's just batting practice for now, but give it some time. We'll start seeing some Vine highlights from the AFL once scouts with smartphones see how quick this is compared to uploading full video to YouTube. Not to say the latter should stop, but why stick with one when you can focus on both?

With any luck, the next time we a Mookie Betts' vine, it's because he's lacing a hard-hit double in the gap, or making a fine defensive play.

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