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Red Sox win the ALDS in GIFs (featuring KojiSoon.gif)

The Red Sox won the ALDS! And they did so in GIFable fashion!

Mike Ehrmann

The Red Sox finished off the Rays last night, clinching the ALDS with a 3-1 victory in St. Pete. Here are your sweet, sweet moving pictures from the night:

OK, so we're actually starting off with some less-than-sweet ones. The game didn't start terribly well for the Red Sox, as a bases loaded, zero outs situation went horribly awry thanks to some James Loney wizardry.


What should have been two, even three runs turned suddenly into an inning-ending double play. If the Red Sox had lost this game, I'm guessing this image would be banned from the site. But it's a lot easier to swallow with the win in the bag.

As is this next one...


After five excellent innings from Peavy, he finally surrendered a run to a combination of Yunel Escobar and David DeJesus. The Rays were up 1-0, and Peavy was not long for the game, being yanked in favor of Craig Breslow not long after.

Also not long for the game: Tampa Bay's lead. Xander Bogaerts drew a one-out walk and scored on a wild pitch.


Jacoby Ellsbury was not far behind, crossing the plate on a Shane Victorino single. The Red Sox had the lead, and there was much rejoicing!


Yes, that's an Ellsbury beard grab. Not by one of the usual offenders, but there's always somebody milling about in the dugout ready to tug on facial hair.

Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa would get the Red Sox to Koji with one out in the eighth, leaving him to wait out a long top of the ninth from the Red Sox. All things considered, it's a small miracle he managed to contain himself while waiting for the ninth...


(If that GIF does not become a lasting thing, it will be a personal failure for each and every last one of us.)

The wait didn't serve to cool him off any, though. The Rays went 1-2-3, and the celebration was on!




You know what? It'll be OK if that one doesn't catch on.

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