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Video: Red Sox celebrate ALCS berth

Using the power of Vine, we can watch the Red Sox celebrate their defeat of the Rays and an ALDS win.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Vines -- the social media video service, not the plants -- weren't a thing the last time the Red Sox won a playoff series, but the official Boston Red Sox Twitter feed embraced the hell out of them after Tuesday night's series-clinching victory against the Rays.

They basically documented the celebration from the moment the Red Sox were walking off the field into the clubhouse until, well, you'll see.

It begins, as it should, with high fives for everyone.  Bottles start popping right away after that, with Drake's "Started from the Bottom" blasting from the clubhouse. Get it?

If you want to see David Ortiz getting sprayed with champagne while yelling his own nickname, well, this Vine is tailored to your oddly specific taste:

What is Jonny Gomes eating here? Is that a taco? A sandwich? What kind of food do you serve at a postgame champagne and Bud Light celebration? Please tell me it's chicken just so they can own that.

This might be my favorite one, since manager John Farrell doesn't get a Gatorade bath: the Sox dump the bucket that was full of ice and beer all over Farrell's head.

This, of course, was just the first series for the Sox, and there are (with any luck) a lot of playoffs left. Still, though, considering their last series win came against the Angels in 2008, and that this is their first trip to the postseason than 2009, it doesn't get much better than eliminating the team that's been the most significant thorn in your side in the interim.

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