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Red Sox MVP debate: You decide

Who's the Red Sox MVP? We turn the final decision over to you.

Brian Blanco

Last week, we here at Over The Monster made the argument for nine different players as Boston's MVP for the year. From the obvious names like David Ortiz and Shane Victorino to the fringe candidates like Jarrod Saltalamacchia, albeit somehow missing Jon Lester along the way. Yeah, dunno what happened there.

But what I do know is that we don't really need to make that case for you, since he started Game 1 of the postseason which means his case is probably one of the more obvious ones.

As for the rest of them:

Anyways, now that we've made the arguments (with one glaring exception), we'll turn the decision for this fictional award over to the fans. Is it the superlative Clay Buchholz? The seemingly ageless David Ortiz? Or someone else we managed to forget in addition to Jon Lester?