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Red Sox vs. Rays score: Tampa Bay error gives Boston early 1-0 lead

The Red Sox are ahead 1-0 after two innings in Tampa Bay thanks to a few familiar plays.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are out to a 1-0 lead over the Rays in Game 3 of the ALDS thanks to a leadoff hit from Jacoby Ellsbury and an errant throw from Ben Zobrist.

Both elements of that first run will be familiar to those who watched Game 2 on Saturday. Jacoby Ellsbury's single came on the ground this time, but it was no more impressive than the bloop that put him on in the first inning of Saturday's game--this time just a seeing-eye single past Yunel Escobar at short.

Also familiar: Shane Victorino getting hit by a pitch, which has happened so often this year that the team has to be considering bubble wrapping him before every at bat.

Most familiar of all, though, was Shane going hard into second base on a ground ball--one that seemed tailor-made for a double play--and causing Ben Zobrist to make an errant throw, letting Dustin Pedroia reach first and Jacoby Ellsbury come in to score.

Cobb would make very quick work of the Sox in the second inning, and Clay Buchholz has needed a line drive double play and a diving grab from Daniel Nava to help him through his first two frames, but for now the Red Sox are up 1-0.

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