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Red Sox' ALDS Game 2 victory in GIFs

The Red Sox enjoy a 2-0 lead over the Rays in the 2013 ALDS after a 7-4 victory over David Price Saturday night. Here's that win in GIF form.

Jared Wickerham

The Red Sox defeated the Rays Saturday night in game two of the ALDS, 7-4. Here are the best moments immortalized in perpetually looping GIFs.

First up: David Ortiz lets David Price know that this isn't going to be a typical David Price start in the bottom of the first.


The camera angle/distance makes it a little tough to tell, but that's Franklin Morales making a terrific play on Ortiz' homer, then tossing it up to the crowd...where nobody can make the grab. This is why Morales is a gold glove outfielder and you all are just watching from the--wait...

Next we have Jacoby Ellsbury's totally convincing double:


The Red Sox certainly beat up on David Price last night, but to be fair it wasn't all long balls and line drives. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. As with Jacoby Ellsbury, though, it's really just best to be both.

It wasn't just Boston beating up on Price, though. His defense gave him about as much help as they did Matt Moore:


That stands in stark contrast to some of the glove work displayed by the Red Sox:


Oh God how did that get in there? Sorry, sorry...


That's Dustin Pedroia turning the biggest defensive play of the ALDS to date by about a mile, taking a dangerous situation with the tying runs at first and second with one and wiping it completely out with a double play.

By the time the game reached the bottom of the eighth, the Rays were already going to need something of a miracle against Koji Uehara to escape with a win. So when David Ortiz took David Price deep for the second time in the game, it was kind of a back breaker:


And, in the end, as always, Koji was waiting to seal the deal.


Good night, Rays. See you in St. Pete.

Finally: RedSoxFanGetsHitInTheFace.gif


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