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Red Sox vs. Rays score: Red Sox and Rays trade rallies, Sox lead 6-3

The Red Sox and Rays are trading blows, leaving Boston's lead stuck at three runs after five innings.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox and Rays have traded blows in the middle innings of Game 2 of the ALDS, leaving Boston's lead at 6-3 after five innings of baseball.

The Rays once again were their own worst enemies in allowing the Red Sox their fifth run of the night. With a chance to turn a double play on a Jonny Gomes ground ball, Evan Longoria struggled to find his grip, but still managed to get the ball to Ben Zobrist in time for the first out. Then Zobrist decided to forget how to play the infield:


To be fair to Zobrist, he's played some outfield in his time. Maybe he was having some sort of an episode there and trying to gun down a runner going home on a sacrifice fly. If not, though, that's just...well that's something else.

Jonny Gomes took second instead of being the second out, and then Stephen Drew picked up a two-out miracle wall-scraper triple against the left-handed David Price to bring him home and make it 5-1.

John Lackey nearly managed to hold that lead, getting to two outs with men on the corners, but this time the final out came too late. Unable to find the zone with either his changeup or curveball, Lackey fell behind James Loney, then floated an awful changeup middle-middle. Frankly, Lackey was lucky it only went for a two-run double, leaving the score at 5-3.

It was a tense moment, particularly with Lackey following the double up with a walk of Evan Longoria before finally striking out Ben Zobrist on a 3-2 fastball. But as has been the case in all but one inning tonight, the Sox were once again up to the task of hitting David Price. Jacoby Ellsbury led off the inning with his first really solid hit of the night--a line drive to center field--then looked very healthy indeed racing home all the way from first on Dustin Pedroia's double into the left field corner.

The Red Sox are up by three, but there's still four long innings to go.

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