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ALDS Game 2: Red Sox vs. Rays

Jim Rogash

Hey everybody, it's David Price time! Yay! Right? Right?

Not so much. Boo.

The Red Sox have hit David Price before. It's a thing that can be done. But it's certainly not likely to on any given day. And this is what makes a 5-game series so frightening. Particularly since a fifth game, if it were necessary, would come on October 10th, putting Price on regular rest.

The Red Sox can win this series without beating David Price. But they have to be perfect to do that, which is a very tall order indeed. We can't simply accept two games as a lost cause. The Sox have to make Price earn it. And yes, he might do that, but John Lackey is too, and all it takes is one big night from him to neutralize Price, or one surprising night from the offense to make all this worrying seem silly indeed.

I'd prefer the latter. I'll take the former. Both in concert would just be peachy.

Go Sox!