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Red Sox vs. Rays score: Sox bat around again, extend lead to 8-2

Another big inning has the Sox up 8-2 with four frames to go.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have batted around in consecutive innings, following up a five-run fourth with a three-run fifth, extending their lead over the Tampa Bay Rays to 8-2.

While this time the big inning started with an out from David Ortiz, Mike Napoli quickly got the Sox' engine going again with a double into the left field corner, with an excellent slide to the outfield side of the bag keeping him away from Ben Zobrist's tag at second. Rather than pitch to Jonny Gomes, Joe Maddon elected to walk him to face Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and paid for it with an RBI double off the Monster, bringing home not one, but two runs as Sean Rodriguez once again failed to make the play off the wall.

Finally, Maddon turned to his pen, bringing in Wesley Wright to strike out Stephen Drew on a not-so-checked swing. Rather than let Wright face the right-handed Will Middlebrooks, though, Maddon again turned to the intentional walk, and again he paid for it, this time thanks to a rocket off of Wright's glove and into the outfield, scoring Saltalamacchia.

All that was left was an infield single from Shane Victorino which, while it didn't score any runs, did serve to give Dustin Pedroia the dubious honor of ending two straight big innings for the Sox.

To be fair, he did get the first one started.

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