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Red Sox World Series parade begins Saturday at Fenway

Boston will celebrate their championship baseball team early morning Saturday, starting at the home of the Red Sox.

Jamie Squire

You know a World Series is officially over when the parade time is announced. Boston mayor Tom Menino has already taken care of this minor detail for us, stating that the parade would begin at 10 am on Saturday morning, with the start coming at -- where else -- Fenway Park.

That's early in the morning, but not as early as people are likely to show up to line the parade route -- expect to be in for a long day of celebrating, despite the deceptive start time.

Expect duck boats once more, as is the Boston tradition -- "rolling rally" is the official terminology, if you're into that sort of thing. What this means, essentially, is that you don't have to head to Fenway in order to see your World Champion 2013 Boston Red Sox -- they'll be roaming a specific route, traversed by the iconic Boston duck boats, and you'll get your chance to participate in the heart of the parade even if it's not at precisely 10 am.

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