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Mike Napoli free agent rumors: 1B wants to re-sign with Red Sox

Boston's first baseman wants to come back, which could make life easier for the Red Sox.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Red Sox are sure to lose a few members of the 2013 World Series-winning club to free agency, but Mike Napoli won't be one of them if he can help it. Napoli took to the mic on Wednesday to let the world know he would be interested in re-signing with the Red Sox, and expects to hear from them on the matter soon. Per WEEI's Rob Bradford:

"I want to be here. I love this place," said Napoli, who made $13 million in his one-year deal this season. "They've treated me so good here. The way they've taken care of me, its' unbelievable. When the time comes I'm pretty sure we're going to have some conversations. I hope to be back here next year."

There were complications in Napoli's original three-year, $39 million deal that limited it to one season -- the degenerative hip condition found in his physical concerned the Red Sox, who wanted to make sure he could remain healthy before committing to him long-term. Now that he's had a quality season with Boston, though -- Napoli hit .259/.360/.482 with 23 homers and sure-handedness with the leather at first base despite dealing with plantar fasciitis -- and with no further damage to his hip, they are likely more open to extending an offer that is in line with their initial proposal from last December.

Given there is little to be found on the free agent market for first basemen, Napoli will be sought after, but if the Red Sox submit a qualifying offer to him, attaching draft pick compensation to his person, it will give the Red Sox a further leg up on the rest of the market in addition to Napoli's already public desire to stick around.

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