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Video: Koji Uehara tours Boston with the magic of high fives

You get a high-five, you get a high-five, everyone gets a high-five!

Greg Fiume

You're here at Over the Monster, so there is a very good chance you're in love with Koji Uehara and/or his penchant for high fives. Luckily for all of us high-five enthusiasts, MLB Fan Cave recorded a video of Koji running around the Fenway neighborhood high-fiving everything in sight. Men, women, children, babies, you name it: all were graced by Koji high-five action.

I do wish that they had found wherever Shane Victorino was hanging out at the time this was being put together, though, just so Koji could sneak up behind him and high-five him once more. You know, for old time's sake.

The Fan Cave has certainly managed to produce more worthwhile items of late, huh? Remember when it was just a weird reality show with two dudes locked away from their families and everything they know? I much prefer the version where Koji gets to high-five strangers.

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