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World Series 2013: Red Sox vs. Cardinals, Game 5 in GIFs

A recap of Boston's 3-1 win over the Cardinals in GIF form.

Dilip Vishwanat

Here are your moving pictures for Game 5 of the 2013 World Series.

The Red Sox have had more than their fair share of waiting to get on the board this postseason. Monday night, however, proved a different story. In just the third at bat of the game, David Ortiz gave the Sox the early lead:


It was just one run, but it quickly became apparent that offense would be at a premium. Ortiz and Pedroia, after all, turned out to be the only two Red Sox not to strike out in the first two innings. Meanwhile, Jon Lester was dealing, and helping himself out with some nice glove work besides. First by knocking down this sharp ground ball...


...and then by making a terrific bare-handed play on Pete Kozma's bunt:


Still, even tonight Lester was not perfect. A bad fourth inning saw him surrender a solo shot to Matt Holliday, leaving the Red Sox once again in need of some runs. A few innings later, and David Ross delivered:


The Red Sox would score twice in that frame, though it ended with a bad send from Brian Butterfield leaving Ross dead by a mile at the plate:


In the end, though, it would be enough. The Red Sox didn't even face much of a scare as Lester and Koji finished out the last few innings. That left only one thing for St. Louis fans to do:


Throw paper airplanes.

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