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World Series 2013: Red Sox take Game 4 in GIFs

The Red Sox' big Game 4 win in GIFs.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

For all that you might have suspected this game to be highly GIFable with the fourth starters going, one of them clearly injured, there really wasn't all that much going on for either side through the first four innings. Unfortunately, the first standout moment comes at the expense of the Red Sox, with Jacoby Ellsbury booting a ball in center field, leading to the first run of the game:


With Daniel Nava in right and Jonny Gomes in left, the smart money was not on Ellsbury to be the outfielder making the defensive gaffe last night, but there you go.

The good news for the sanity of Red Sox fans everywhere was that it would not take long for Boston to strike back.


Not exactly the combination you'd expect for that kind of play, but there you go. Again.

All this, of course, is just leading up to the really big moment. Jonny Gomes, with one out, up against Seth Maness. Sinker, sinker, sinker, sinker...


Homer. The Red Sox had a three-run lead, and there was much pulling of beards:


That...that actually looks really painful.

The homer would not put the game completely out of reach. The Cardinals made some inroads, scoring a run off of Felix Doubront with an assist from Craig Breslow, and this great-play-turned-bad from Xander Bogaerts put some fear in the hearts of Boston fans everywhere:


But in the end it was Koji Uehara and the Red Sox who laughed last, with the reliable closer firing to first to pick off Kolten Wong


Leaving Carlos Beltran standing without a thing to do at home.


He'll get his chance later tonight, as the Red Sox and Cardinals meet again for a pivotal Game 5.

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