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World Series score update: Cardinals take early 2-0 lead off shaky Jake Peavy

The Red Sox are facing an early hole thanks to a shaky first inning from Jake Peavy.

Jamie Squire

The Red Sox are facing an early 2-0 deficit after a first inning that, frankly, should have produced plenty more.

Simply put, Jake Peavy was an absolute mess in his first inning of work. Missing his spots and fooling not a single St. Louis batter, Peavy allowed rocket after rocket after rocket. Matt Holliday drove in Matt Carpenter for the first run with a line drive that could have been even more dangerous if Shane Victorino wasn't quite so quick on his feet, and two singles later Holliday scored himself, driven in by Yadier Molina.

Luckily for Peavy and the Red Sox, that was all the Cardinals would get. A baffling bunt from Carlos Beltran on a 3-1 count gifted Peavy his first out, a line drive out cost the Cardinals their second, and finally Jon Jay gave Boston's third starter his first weak contact of the night on a routine ground ball.

Peavy has bounced back nicely in the next couple of innings, but the Red Sox are having ALCS flashbacks, with Joe Kelly perfect against them through three.

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