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World Series score update: Red Sox lead grows to 5-0 despite Beltran robbing Ortiz

Carlos Beltran made the play of the night, robbing David Ortiz of a grand slam, but it wasn't enough to keep the Red Sox from tacking on two more runs.


It's a 5-0 lead for the Red Sox after three innings in Fenway, and it's only thanks to Carlos Beltran that the game isn't completely over yet.

After a strong top-of-the-second from Jon Lester saw the southpaw add two strikeouts to his total, the Red Sox lineup went right back to work on Adam Wainwright, and the Cardinals defense went right back to work making mistakes. This time, though, Wainwright had a hand in both departments. It was Wainwright, after all, who called for Stephen Drew's pop-up, then stood motionless, watching it all the way to the ground.


And it was Wainwright who gave up a flared single to David Ross over the head of second baseman Matt Carpenter.

This, however, is not Wainwright:


That is Pete Kozma, making his second bad error in as many innings, allowing Shane Victorino to reach base, leaving them loaded for the Red Sox. Not pictured in either GIF is David Freese, who should have snagged the Dustin Pedroia ground ball that passes about two feet away from where he was set up, right under his glove to make it 4-0.

Finally, though, the Cardinals got some defense they could be proud of, courtesy of Carlos Beltran:


He made it look easy, but there's nothing routine about robbing David Ortiz of a grand slam. As it is, the long fly ball still cost the Cardinals a fifth run as David Ross tagged up at third, but if Beltran doesn't make that grab, it's 8-0 and all-but-over.

With the Red Sox finally failing to score in the third, it's time for the Cardinals to see if they can chip away.

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