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Red Sox benefit from Jim Leyland's classy retirement

Leyland exits baseball with a classy gesture for his final opponent.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The headline is not meant to imply that the American League life of the Red Sox is easier now that Tigers' manager Jim Leyland has decided to retire after his club's defeat in the ALCS -- instead, it's in reference to this classy nugget:

That was a very thoughtful gesture by Leyland, who has been in the game as a manager since 1986, and knows both triumph and loss in that role. Kudos should also be extended to all of his players and any media that might have overheard the news for not spreading the word before Monday, allowing the Red Sox their moment and granting Leyland his last wish as manager of one of the AL's best clubs.

The game will be less without Leyland around, as he's been one of the more colorful characters around, always great for a quote or a laugh or both. He's set to officially announce his exit with a press conference at 11:30 eastern, according to Ken Rosenthal.

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