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In another world, David Ortiz is a New York legend

The Mets could have had David Ortiz back in 2002.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There is only one man who has stuck with the team from that first drought-ending World Series win back in 2004, through the reaffirming second title in 2007, all the way on to today, where the Red Sox are just one win away from making it back to the Fall Classic for the third time in ten years. That man is David Ortiz.

It might never have been.

According to USA Today (via CBS New York), back in 2002 the Twins offered David Ortiz to the Mets for basically anything they were willing to give up. The Twins weren't going to tender Ortiz a contract despite a .297/.363/.572 performance from the All-Star Break on, and if the Mets would give up anything, the Twins would send him their way. The Mets responded that they weren't in the market for a first baseman with bad knees, and the rest is history.

Since 2002, the Mets have gone 868-914, with their first basemen averaging 2.0 WAR a year. Carlos Delgado is basically the only real solution they've had at the position, leading them to their one postseason appearance in that time period.

The Red Sox, meanwhile, have played David Ortiz at DH, and have produced a 1005-777 record, not including their trips to the postseason, of which there have been quite a few. Ortiz has picked up 1630 hits in 1514 games, hitting .292/.390/.572 in the regular season alone. His actions in the postseason are legendary.

How different could everything have been if the Mets had found room for Ortiz? Do the Red Sox have a World Series title yet, or are we in year 95 of the drought, with 100 just around the corner? Do the Mets still consistently disappoint, or do they take the Red Sox' place in the World Series conversation for so many years?

It's not a fun scenario to imagine.

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